Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Introduction of my new food blog

On 2nd January 2015, I started my first food blog of the same name. Two weeks later, my love proposed marriage to me. In late summer 2015, we moved from Finland to Norway, then from Norway back to Finland, then again from Finland to Norway - and from Norway back to Finland. In other words: We were busy. Very busy. And not much happened on my food blog. In fact, there were almost more notifications of move than recipes on my food blog, and that is certainly not the point of a food blog. 

On 15th October 2017, my love and I got married in the Turku Castle, and in the course of it, my name changed from "Stefanie Singh" to "Stefanie Nysand". I started a new blog with my new name, "Stefanie Nysand [Sound Kitchen]", and I decided to start a new food blog along with it. 

Being a music journalist and blogging about food at the same time is something I really needed to think about for a longer time. In contrast to my work as a music journalist, I am in no way a professional when it comes to food; I just developed a growing interest in food, nutrition, cooking and baking over the past few years. Yes, me, the rocker, who still doesn't refuse a pizza when being out somewhere. One does not preclude the other, food is an essential part in everyone's life and food can be so much more than just a tool to appease one's hunger. With this blog, I not only want to share my experiences regarding food, nutrition, cooking and baking with you but also show you that caring about food and nutrition as well as to cook and to bake truly does rock. 

Before you start to (hopefully) enjoy this blog, I would like to add three additional facts about me which can be helpful to understand the basics of this food blog... 

Since March 2003, I'm a Vegetarian [Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian], so this blog doesn't contain any recipes or the like including meat, fish, other seafood, gelatine et cetera. In fact, I rather try to keep recipes even vegan. 

I do not drink any alcohol, never did, so this blog doesn't contain any recipes or the like including alcohol either. 

Despite being not a professional when it comes to food, I had the honour to plan, organise and accomplish the "Halloweensitz 2013" event for Historikerföreningen Kleio r.f., the student association for history students at Åbo Akademi University in Turku (Finland). Being the event organiser of the "Halloweensitz 2013" included amongst others the composition, budgeting, purchase, preparation and serving of the entire menu (appetiser, main dish and dessert) for that very event. So, I'm still not a professional, but I actually do have at least some kind of experience... ;o)

But now: Enough of words - I hope you are going to enjoy this food blog... 

Stefanie (in March 2018)